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SS Tripolitaniaan Italian cargo ship (built 1897) ran aground on the 26th December 1912.

What a terrific photo!


Dark City: London in the 30s

Pictures from London Night – John Morrison and Harold Burkedin 1934


Go off road. Photo: @8400likes #HerschelSupply #WellTravelled #Brazil by herschelsupply

I have no doubt that we’ll stop this in its tracks in the U.S.

CDC Director Tom Frieden, who’s appearing before a House panel today, speaking about Ebola. His past statements — including the one above — may come back to haunt him. (via latimes)

They kind of blew me off.

— Sean G. Kaufman, an Ebola expert who recently warned the Centers for Disease Control that training guidelines for preparedness were too lax. (via officialssay)